Making of a Lawman


A Classic Western adventure (Plainsman series book 2)

With a growing reputation as a trail boss, Nate Carlton, wants to forget the Civil war and make his way in the west.
Having successfully pioneered driving collective herds from the depressed South, Nate leaves the trail head to look up an old friend. He finds Isobel Hart and her family caught up in a run to take over the mining boom town of Langtonville.
Caught between opposing factions he has to make a decision: to take a side or walk away. Fate takes a hand and he is forced to use his deadly skill with a gun. But will one man be enough to face the overwhelming odds of land grabbers, outlaws and a mysterious syndicate bent on taking over the mines and the town.
In a lawless land, alone against great odds, can he save the town and survive the bounty put on his head?
Buy Making of a Lawman to day for the second book in the exciting Plainsman series.

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