Comanche Moon


A Classic Western Adventure (Plainsman Series Book 3)

In the lands of the Comanche only strength prevails.
Returning from trail bossing a cattle drive, Nate Carlton was looking to hole up for the winter, working his ranch in South Texas. The Uvalde valley was a peaceful basin, recovering from the Civil War and fighting its way back to prosperity.
Deep in Comanche territory the spectre of an Indian attack was ever present, but so far they had lived in peace. Then everything changed, the peaceful valley was ripped apart to the sound of Comanche war cries: the powerful Comanche nation are seemingly well supplied with new guns and powder. Who had supplied them and more importantly what was their aim?
A new Comanche war looms threatening to destroy the territory and Nate faces a terrible dilemma as he must fight to save his new way of life and all that he holds dear.
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