A Knight and a Spy 1412

The road to Agincourt- king’s spy Book 3

A new war with France. A deadly assassin. A kingdom to claim.

With Henry the Fourth’s hold on the English throne weakening, his putative heir must choose a side as a new conflict with France threatens. Sir James de Grispere, knight of the royal household and spy for Sir Richard Whittington, is forced to deal with treachery and deceit on the dark streets of London, Paris and Florence.
Sir James faces his nemesis at the Parisian court, a hotbed of murder, intrigue and duplicity, where Whittington warns him that ‘not all that is deadly is clothed in maille.’ The Western Schism within the papacy brings England to the point of financial ruin, and Sir James is tasked with a perilous mission – to take the papal levy overland to Italy to secure stability for the realm.
The road to Florence is long and perilous and not all are as they seem. With spies and assassins in every shadow, can Sir James and his companions survive the deadly journey to Italy, or is he – and those he holds dear – destined to fall?
A Knight and a Spy 1412 is the third book in the new Medieval series by Simon Fairfax

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