A Knight and a Spy 1410

The road to Agincourt- king’s spy Book 1

Subterfuge or sword, which will save the kingdom?
January, 1410 and King Henry IV is brought down with an unknown illness. Despite his 10 year reign the kingdom is far from secure: he is at odds with his son Prince Hal who seeks the crown; the English court is a swirl of rumours and treachery, with the powerful seeking the ultimate prize: the English crown. Whilst King Charles VI of France plots to take back Calais and re-ignite the 100 years war.

The king’s spymaster Sir Richard Whittington needs someone skilled, yet unobtrusive who can move inconspicuously abroad and at home.

James de Grispere: is tasked to spy for the good of the kingdom with the future of the realm in his hands. It is a perilous path, from the depths of France, to Wales and the Scottish borders. Joining with two comrades he seeks to aid King Henry and Sir Richard’s plans for the safety of the realm. Can he travail this dangerous journey, with not just England, but his own life at stake?

Treachery, the 100 years war, revolts, battles, the wool trade, piracy and pivotal events: all are brought alive in this story of the 15th Century England and the fight for the crown.

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