A Deal With the Devil


Rupert Brett Thriller Book 3

This time the stakes are higher with not just his life, but those of his family at risk.

1995 and Rupert Brett is riding a market gone wild with greed and crazy money. With the American Sub-Prime madness just beginning, Brett seeks new markets where he finds international money laundering, double dealing and murder.
Reporting to the British government they task him once again to spy for them. The trail leads to high finance property deals, cocaine smuggling and the glamorous international polo circuit.
Teaming again with SAS sergeant Chris Adams, they are pitted against drug cartels, Irish terrorists and an old nemesis returns, throwing their lives into danger. He must now deal for the ultimate stakes: not just his life, but those of his wife and unborn child.

This is the third book in the Rupert Brett Deal series of international financial thrillers.

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