A Deal Too Far


Rupert Brett Thriller Book 2

From property agent, to government agent.
Autumn 1990, property agent Rupert Brett is facing a crisis. The international property market is in dire straits and Brett finds his own world imploding, as fund managers struggle desperately with a world in deep recession. The UK markets are against him and he may lose his job and everything he has built up. He is then asked to spy for his country and lay his life on the line.
Calling once more upon his specialist skills, the UK Government task him to open a new international property office in Buenos Aires and feed them information on a possible invasion. Evading global forces searching for oil, Brett encounters threats and danger from all sides, including a traitor within his own security forces.
Finding data crucial to the safety of the Falkland Islands, Brett and Chris Adams, a mysterious SAS soldier, are trapped and alone as they fight to escape Argentina before they are found and killed.
A Deal Too Far is the second exciting book in the Deal series of international financial and political espionage thrillers.

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