A Deadly Deal


Rupert Brett Thriller Book 1

The trading floor should be counted in deals not bodies, yet they are mounting in number. Can a dealer trade on his wits and manage to stay alive?

1980s London. Rupert Brett has high expectations as he enters the world of property investment. His mind is filled with thoughts of exciting deals, big bonuses and one-night stands with beautiful women. Instead he finds himself lost in a world of corruption, blackmail and murder.

Alone without any allies, his only asset is his intelligence. When he finds himself the prime suspect for murder, Rupert fights against double dealing, treachery and money laundering. Following a trail that leads to Italy and back, he has to find a way to sting the dealers before his life and those he cares about are forfeit.

Buy A Deadly Deal today to see if Rupert can leverage his only commodity and survive the brutal game of winner takes all?

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