Plainsman series

The Plainsman series by Simon Fairfax is currently a two-book series (with more planned) Western adventure series set in the late 19th century American West. The first book, Law of the Gun, follows the story of Nate Carlton, a former Civil War soldier who has returned to the West to settle down in the South. However, when his parents are murdered by a gang of Carpetbaggers, and his family home is destroyed, Nate is forced to take up the gun to avenge their deaths and forge his way in a new land as a trail boss.

The second book in the series, Making of a Lawman, tells the story of Nate’s journey to becoming a lawman. He is appointed as the sheriff of a small town, but he soon finds himself caught up in a war between a cattle baron, miners and nesters. Nate must use all of his gun skill and experience to maintain law and order in the town and bring the cattle barons to justice.

The Plainsman series is praised for its realistic portrayal of the American West and its well-developed characters. Nate Carlton is a complex and relatable protagonist, and his journey from soldier to lawman is one that readers can easily root for. The series also features a cast of supporting characters who are just as interesting and well-developed as Nate himself. Overall, The Plainsman series is a well-written and exciting Western adventure series that is sure to appeal to fans of the genre. It is a series that I would highly recommend.

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