I have been a Chartered Surveyor for nearly 35 years, qualifying from Southampton Solent University in 1983. I have always loved crime thrillers, growing up devouring Ian Fleming and Dick Francis novels and a TV diet of The Saint, Persuaders, The Sweeney and The Professionals.

Latterly, I love reading well-crafted thrillers that stick to detail, against a realistic backdrop of events, that could or did happen. Having been an agent for much of my career I have seen first-hand what goes on in this world of multi-million  pound deals and can attest to the fact that the it has its fair share of characters, heroes and villains. I remember seeing a TV advertisement where a group of formerly wild  musician friends get in contact years later and one of them admits apologetically “I am a chartered surveyor…” as though it is something very boring – it is not! I always thought I would like to write a thriller about the world I inhabit showing how it really is.

Returning from living in Italy in 2006, inspired by my wife, I started to write my first book, No Deals Done, and with no real planning, just a plot in my head and characters I had met, it evolved two years later. It languished in a drawer and a good friend, Andrew Klein, had it proof read and bound into 6 copies for me as a surprise. It spurred me on. Still reading a vast array of genres; from thrillers to Regency romance, historical novels and classical authors, they have all influenced me.

Apart from writing, I enjoy being active and have over the years enjoyed rugby, fencing, and various martial arts. My great loves are my horses and dogs: I still play a bit of polo and ride regularly. Latterly, I re-started a former hobby, together with my son, renovating old cars. We are currently restoring a 1968 MGB GT. I also have an abiding love for Northern Soul – KTF!

I write about a world I know and enjoy with a spy twist, full of intrigue, great characters and set against world events that really happened and influenced markets and deals. I have enjoyed my characters, bringing them to life and continue to do so: I hope that you enjoy them too!

Simon Fairfax