A Knight and a Spy 1415 Agincourt!

The 6th and final book in the series is now available on preorder to be released on the 12th March 2024

Knight and a Spy 1415

A deadly game of politics. War is inevitable. Can he survive intrigue, betrayal, and enemy agents to reach his journeys end? After all, the road to Agincourt is perilous.

 Sir James de Grispere recovering from an assassin’s dagger, returns to England and greater peril as he carries two documents that could usurp King Henry and bring about civil war.

He knows that war with France his imminent and must protect the king from old enemies in his own kingdom where they are uniting against him.

 Sir James must thwart this insidious plot, testing his own skills both in the politics of court and upon the battlefield in France where a rag tag army will meet its destiny against the might of the French chivalry and face the ultimate sacrifice for king and country.

From Constance to the deadly politics of court, Scottish Borders, Harfleur and Agincourt, Jamie,  and his companions in arms, Mark and Cristoforo, have never faced such overwhelming odds.

If you like historical espionage, true-to-life events, and a hero who risks all for king and country you’ll love this final installment from Simon Fairfax. Buy A Knight and a Spy 1415 today to relive England’s greatest medieval battle. https://mybook.to/5xx8 

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