Now this photo was taken on the 25th Oct- Agincourt day! It is not France, but a yellow grey clay field near me, almost identical to that I walked upon at Agincourt itself (this was the actual English position looking towards the French army), when it was dry, which I have posted below in Sept when obviously still dry. This wet field has also just been planted for wheat as we walked across the footpath. Look at it! By the time we reached the other side, in good wellies, (not slippery steel sabatons) were were slipping and sliding and about 3 inches taller than when we started. Imagine trying to run across in heavy armour of 65lbs + whilst being shot at by archers! Not funny. AND not being able to breathe properly through the small holes in your visor. Terrible and so tiring and then having to fight at the end.

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