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Making of a Lawman

A Classic Western adventure (Plainsman series book 2) With a growing reputation as a trail boss, Nate Carlton, wants to forget the Civil war and make his way in the west. Having successfully pioneered driving collective herds from the depressed South, Nate leaves the trail head to look up an old friend. He finds Isobel…


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    No not that kind of mask, one of these….

    I have just finished researching and writing the first in my new historical novels series and amongst the history I found that Henry the V, when still Prince Henry, was shot on the face with an arrow at the battle of Shrewsbury in 1403. He was only 16 yet led a wing of his father’s army.

    The arrow head stopped just short of his spine, yet he refused to leave the field, fighting on (with the broken shaft trapped in his face) so as not to damage moral. Later after the battle the surgeons could not remove it even after 4 hours! Then a remarkable surgeon, John Bradmore, was called in to try.

    He designed a special corkscrew like instrument to remove it. But first, still conscious, Henry was transported miles away to Kenilworth castle to perform the operation. It was a success and he was healed using lime splints, dipped in honey to help heal the wound.

    He made a full recovery, yet no images of him show that side of his face.

    Definitely should have worn a mask!

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